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The Faith leaders in Nigeria have unanimously applauded the revisions to the country’s sodomy law, and have denounced as imperialist, racist and condescending Western pressure to change the country’s attitude towards homosexuality.Leaders of the Muslim community as well as the head of the country’s Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches applauded President Goodluck Jonathan for signing a law banning same-sex marriage, gay clubs and public displays of same-sex affection into law on 7 January 2014.Should you take delight in upsetting your political friends, compare the shots Riefenstahl used in to the staging of recent Democrat and Republican conventions — Bill Clinton followed Riefenstahl’s playbook almost scene by scene inside the convention halls.) The key to good advocacy journalism, as it is in all things, is moderation. Too many claims, too much hyperbole and you cheapen your story.A line in a piece published in the is an advocacy piece, published on an openly liberal website. However, this is an opinion article cloaked in the mantle of a news story.But should it have printed this claim without further substantiation or explanation?Does not placing the claim into the mouth of an anonymous priest add to the impression that this is gossip? Changing Attitude, a gay advocacy group within the Church of England, has raised this issue over the years.Is it someone who experiences same-sex attractions, acts upon them, and believes these actions to be moral?

And, the indigenous reform movement within the Church of England predated Henry’s divorce and remarriage to Ann Boleyn.Take Leni Riefenstahl’s beautiful film (and evil too), it fails as propaganda for any but the true believer because of its heavy hand.(As an aside: Riefenstahl created the cinema-graphic technique of the long entrance.Hitler’s entrance to the rally builds and builds, tension and anticipation mount.The shots follow him through the bowels of the stadium and culminate in his entrance to the stage.

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